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Tips motorists should follow to avoid colliding with motorcycles

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

When it comes to keeping motorcyclists safe, it not only requires that the biker employs a number of measures aimed at ensuring his or her own safety, but for automobile drivers to share in that responsibility as well.

Statistics show that a large percentage of collisions involving motorcyclists and cars occur at intersections. In fact, one of the most common types of fatal motorcycle accidents results from a car driver failing to be sure traffic has cleared before making a left turn.

Vehicle operators should also take notice that in maneuvering about as they come upon different road conditions, to include such things as potholes, animal carcasses and road debris, motorcyclists may have to move about within their lane to address these issues. It’s important that motorists give bikers space as they going about doing this.

This is especially important considering that motorcyclists lack the protection afforded to car drivers, especially as it relates to safety features and shell the vehicle’s frame provides. Motorcyclists rely upon merely a helmet and clothes to protect them from injury or death should they be involved in a motorcycle accident.

To reiterate, tips to keep in mind when sharing the road with motorcycles include drivers taking caution to give motorcyclists complete use of the lane they occupy. This is helpful should they encounter uneven pavement, poor weather or other conditions that could affect their ability to remain upright in control of their motorbike.

It is recommended to keep a distance of at least four seconds when riding behind a motorcyclist. It’s also important that motorists constantly engage in scanning the roadway, to include in front and behind them as well as to either side, whether they be at an intersection or merely driving. In doing so, they will avoid a delayed visual of the motorbike.

If you have been injured or know someone who has lost their life as a result of motorcycle accidents, seeking the advice and counsel of attorney may be warranted. A skilled California personal injury attorney can advise you as to your rights as it relates to filing a claim for compensation in your particular case.

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