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2 vehicles involved in crash that sends 5 to hospital

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Five people were hospitalized after a car accident in Del Mar recently. Two vehicles were involved in the crash just this past Sunday, and of the five people who were injured, four of them suffered “significant traumatic injuries.”

The crash happened in the evening around 8pm at an intersection. According to witnesses who saw the accident, one of the vehicles tried to make a left hand turn on a solid red arrow signal, and an oncoming vehicle crashed into the turning vehicle. The vehicle that struck the turning vehicle didn’t appear to be speeding, according to the witnesses. It appears that the vehicle making the seemingly illegal turn is at fault here.

The driver of the turning vehicle suffered a broken nose and needed to be hospitalized. The four people in the other vehicle suffered the significant injuries and needed to be placed in trauma centers. It does not appear that drugs are alcohol are factors in the crash.

More evidence will need to be collected before anyone can definitively say which driver was at fault in this crash. But it certainly seems, at this early stage, that the turning vehicle bares some responsibility, given the eyewitness account.

What is clear is that a lot is at stake here. Lives are hanging in the balance, and the cost of their recovery — and hopefully they do recover — will be very high. If it can be proven that one of the drivers is clearly at fault for this wreck, then the victims could consider legal action against the reckless driver.

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