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Wrong rib removed, metal coils left in patient in bizarre case

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The bar is so high for medical professionals, and for good reason. Doctors, surgeons nurses — they have to be held to a nearly-perfect standard because they work they due is incredibly intricate and highly dangerous for the patients. One mistake and the patient’s life may never be the same, or even taken from them.

So, okay, they have a high standard. Maybe sometimes a medical professional misses that standard, but you can at least understand how they missed it, even though you know they still have to be held accountable for their actions. But the following story? You would be remiss for thinking it was invented given just how ridiculous it is. Sadly, though, it is true.

A woman who needed surgery on her eighth rib due to a lesion did indeed have a rib removed by her surgeon. But after the procedure was complete, she was still experiencing pain in her ribs, so another doctor gave her an x-ray and discovered something startling: the surgeon removed the wrong rib and the surgical team left a metal coil inside of her.

But something even more incredible happened after the discovery was made. The original surgeon tried to override the doctor’s determination that a mistake was made, insisting instead that more of the (wrongly removed) rib just needed to be removed to ensure she was well.

The woman is suing the surgeon for his negligence, and given the evidence involved in this case, there appears to be a compelling case.

Source: Medical Daily, “Medical Malpractice Suit: Doctor Removes Wrong Rib During Surgery, Lies To Cover Up Mistake,” Dana Dovey, March 25, 2016



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