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Speeding, red-light running driver causes crash, kills 4

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Tragedy struck last weekend in San Diego after four people were killed in a car accident that involved two vehicles. One vehicle was a van carrying five people. The other vehicle was an Acura that was traveling at what appears to have been an unsafe speed — and then plowed through a red light, eventually hitting the van. Of the five people in the van, two suffered minor injuries.

However, the people in the Acura were not as lucky. Three people were killed after being ejected from the vehicle. Another person died inside of the vehicle. And a fifth person survived, but was labeled in critical condition after the crash. The vehicle somehow managed to hit the van, continue into a pole and then sheer in half. That lets you know just how fast the vehicle was traveling.

No matter how you look at this accident, it is tragic. Yes, the driver of the speeding vehicle was extremely negligent, and it is perfectly natural to feel anger about these lives lost to such a stupid act by one person. But anger doesn’t fix anything, and it doesn’t make this wreck any less tragic.

Accidents like this are an unfortunate reminder that there will always be reckless and dangerous drivers out there. No matter how many laws and safety campaigns you throw out into the world, there will always be drivers who simply operate their vehicles  in unsafe and negligent ways. Sometimes, the best way to hold these drivers responsible is to file a civil suit against them.

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