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Increase in motorcycle accident deaths causes concern

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A couple of interesting statistics demonstrate a changing landscape for motorcycle accidents — and that isn’t a good thing. The report found that motorcycle deaths increased in Maine and in the Australian state of Queensland during 2015. While these are two oddly specific states to be discussing when it comes to a “global” change to motorcycle safety, the change is still noteworthy.

For the state of Maine, it appears that the unseasonably warm weather for the northeastern portions of the United States in 2015 played a role. This allowed motorcyclists to be out on the roads for longer, inherently increasing the chances there would be more accidents. For Queensland, there doesn’t really seem to be a reason to point at and blame.

More generally, though, this demonstrates a motorcycle safety problem. More people are dying on the road as a result of motorcycle accidents, and that is a trend that needs to be reversed. If more education and training is necessary, then that’s what should be done. If other drivers need to be taken to task for not looking out for motorcyclists, then it should be done. And if warmer weather is going to lead to more motorcyclists out on the road — and thus increase the possibility for more accidents — then safety measures need to be enhanced.

Motorcyclists, by their very nature, are in a tough position out on the road. Other drivers need to do everything in their power to look out for them to ensure everyone’s safety.

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