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Multiple wrecks kill pedestrian, motorcyclist in San Diego

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2015 | Pedestrian Accidents |

A bizarre pair of related accidents led to the death of a pedestrian and a motorcyclist in San Diego recently. The crash occurred in downtown San Diego when a motorcyclist collided with a pedestrian. The pedestrian was killed in this wreck, which sent the motorcyclist flying off of his vehicle and into a car driven by an 80-year-old man. The motorcyclist was killed as a result of this second collision.

The police shut down the road to investigate the crash scene. While little is known about the first crash, it appears that the second collision was the true definition of an “accident.” It is highly unlikely the 80-year-old could have done anything to prevent the crash he was involved with.

It will be interesting to hear what investigators learn about the first crash. Was the motorcyclist negligent in some way? Was the pedestrian crossing the street at an improper time? Was it a true “accident” like the second collision seems to be? Were there other mitigating circumstances involved in this unfortunate pair of wrecks?

If there is one thing to learn from this incident, it is that the investigation into any motor vehicle accident is critical. Investigators will find information out about the crash scene and the participants involved in the incident, and any victims of the wreck (or their loved ones) could then use the information gleaned from the report filed by investigators to file legal action against any negligent parties involved. The investigation into any accident is critical.

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