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Here are some eye-opening figures about motorcycle accidents

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Inherent to the act of riding a motorcycle is risk. You are taking a greater risk by being on a motorcycle than you would if you were in a car. Now, this doesn’t mean that people who ride a motorcycle have a “death wish” or that they are some daredevil or social rebel. To the contrary, most motorcycle riders are safe, good people — they just prefer using a motorcycle as their mode of transportation.

But the risk inherent to motorcycle riding is always there, and some statistics will shed some light on just how great that risk is. Data from 2013 shows that motorcycle fatalities fell by 6.4 percent from 2012. Still, 4,668 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2013. A further 88,000 people suffered injuries in motorcycle accidents in 2013.

Here is the statistic that makes the risk inherent to motorcycle riding so clear: motorcycle riders are five times more likely to get injured and 26 times more likely to die in a crash per vehicle mile driven than a passenger in a car. Those are some staggering figures, and it points to the need for increased motorcycle safety and increased awareness of motorcycles on the part of everyone who is out driving on the road.

Motorcyclists are in a vulnerable position just by the very nature of their vehicle. They have little protection and are likely to be thrown from their vehicle after an accident. The resulting injuries can be catastrophic, and they may need compensation for their medical bills. If a negligent driver was involved, the injured motorcyclist may pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

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