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3 killed in wrong-way accident near US-Mexico border

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2015 | Car Accidents |

A stunning car accident near the border of California and Mexico claimed three lives after a car drove the wrong way on a highway at high speeds. The vehicle was traveling at speeds around 100 miles per hour, forcing the police to stop pursing the vehicle as it traveled north in the southbound lanes of a highway. The wrong way tirade lasted for 40 miles, and sadly two people in the other vehicle that was struck died in the crash.

There isn’t much to say about the specifics in this case. Obviously the driver in the wrong-way vehicle was negligent. Whether the driver was evading the law or doing something illegal beforehand is unclear at this point.

What is abundantly clear though is that wrong way accidents are outrageous and upsetting. They don’t make any sense, and the driver committing this heinous act is clearly disturbed or incredibly irresponsible.

Solving or preventing these accidents is basically impossible, because they are so outlandish and nonsensical that there is no way to truly “prevent” them. Such a negligent person who drives the wrong way down a highway is going to find a way to perform their stupidity.

Holding them, or anyone who causes a car accident, responsible for their negligence is crucial. Whether you survived the accident or you are the loved one of a someone killed in an accident, there are legal actions you can pursue to hold the negligent parties responsible. In the wake of a car accident, please consider your legal options.

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