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Acting on suspicions of nursing home abuse

Posted on June 29, 2015

Dealing with suspicions of abuse or neglect in a nursing home can be a difficult and emotional experience. Many people do not know where to start when they believe that their loved ones may be facing poor treatment. The first place to start is to get reports ready. If a person suspects neglect or abuse in nursing … Continue reading

What is the basic definition of medical malpractice?

Posted on June 22, 2015

Medical malpractice is a large umbrella term. Because of this, it can encompass a number of different situations and scenarios. This can make it a little difficult for people to pinpoint whether or not something that has happened to them or a loved one may be considered medical malpractice. The basic definition of medical malpractice … Continue reading

Is Erb’s palsy something you should worry about?

Posted on June 15, 2015

Unfortunately, it is impossible for anyone to predict how labor will go for a mother-to-be. It is not uncommon for new parents to fear that something may go wrong in the process of childbirth. Injuries that cause ailments like Erb’s palsy may also be a concern. But just how common is Erb’s palsy? Erb’s palsy is … Continue reading

54-year-old California man dies in car crash

Posted on June 11, 2015

Hit-and-run traffic accidents often result extensive personal property damage. Sometimes, these crashes may lead to severe injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain damage. In the most severe and tragic cases, hit-and-run crashes are fatal. When such fatalities occur, law enforcement authorities and the public often work hard to locate the drivers … Continue reading

Compensation may help relieve the costs cerebral palsy

Posted on June 5, 2015

For many San Diego couples, having a baby is an exciting event. These parents may spend hours dreaming of their new child’s future. At the Nield Law Group, we understand how devastating it can be if these parents are informed that their babies are disabled. It is especially heartbreaking when a child’s disability was caused … Continue reading