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Two separate pedestrian accidents strike north of San Diego

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2014 | Pedestrian Accidents |

A crosswalk is supposed to be a safety zone for people who are trying to get across the street. Those on foot in San Diego who obey traffic laws should be able to avoid a pedestrian accident. Crossing against a light, for example, can result in serious injuries. Yet even when people take the necessary precautions to cross the road, drivers may still make a mistake, as two recent incidents remind us.

Early one morning, a pedestrian crossing the road at an intersection was struck by a vehicle, resulting in a broken leg. Law enforcement had to close down a lane of traffic and issue an alert for the intersection. In a separate incident later that morning, a woman and her two children were walking to an Escondido elementary school when a driver hit them.

Fortunately, the children and their mother, who were in a crosswalk at the time of the incident, only suffered minor injuries and were transported to local hospitals. Law enforcement cited the driver of the vehicle for failing to yield to the pedestrian. Additionally, the driver received a ticket for not having a valid license.

Not all victims of pedestrian accidents are as lucky as the people in these incidents. In many cases, people will suffer brain injuries or even worse. It is important for those involved in such an accident to contact an attorney to explore the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit. Such a claim can result in compensation to cover the cost of medical expenses and other damages.

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