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Survivors can pursue justice following the loss of a loved one

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Losing a loved one can be a tragic experience no matter the circumstances. At Nield Law Group, APC, we understand the emotional, psychological and even financial toll a death can take on family members, especially when the incident was the result of someone else’s negligence. We allow our clients to grieve their losses while we handle the legalities of securing compensation.

Under California law, survivors of someone who has suffered an accidental death have two years to file a lawsuit. The cause of the death can include the following:

  • Assault or battery
  • Automobile accidents
  • Animal attacks
  • Birth injuries or medical malpractice

In order to have a successful suit, a plaintiff must be able to prove that negligence occurred and that the negligence caused the death.

The court may award several different types of damages. Economic damages are directly tied to quantitative values, such as the expenses associated with the funeral or medical care of the deceased, the loss of the victim’s expected wages and the loss of benefits including health care insurance or pension.

Non-economic damages are less tangible but can be just as significant. They include items such as survivors’ mental anguish, the loss of care and nurturing, and the loss of companionship. Lastly, punitive damages may be awarded if the court determines that the defendant should be especially punished for the incident.

At Nield Law Group, APC, we know that money cannot take away your pain, but it can help ease some of the financial burden your family may be experiencing. For more information, please visit our page on wrongful death claims.



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