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Dog bite lawsuit results in $150,000 award

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2014 | Dog Bites |

When someone suffers any kind of serious injury, there are often significant medical costs involved. Depending on the incident, that may include staying in a San Diego hospital, reconstructive surgery or costly prescriptions. Victims of dog attacks will often run into these expenses. Fortunately, they do have legal recourse to recover compensation. This can extend even to those who work in the veterinary industry, as one recent incident illustrates.

In March of 2011, a couple brought their dog to an animal hospital. While in the exam room, the Rottweiler, who was born in 2003, bit a clinic worker on the mouth. The woman had to undergo a number of procedures as a result of the incident, including surgery. Court documents revealed that the dog had bitten one of its owners prior to the attack in the animal hospital, and the dog bit an owner after the incident as well. As a result of the third bite and an insurance company threatening to cancel the owners’ home policy, the animal was euthanized.

According to a lawsuit she filed, the worker had medical bills that totaled more than $28,000. In the suit, the woman alleges that the dog’s owners should have taken further action to protect the worker from the animal. A jury awarded the woman $150,000 in compensation as the result of the lawsuit, which sought $300,000.

The money from a personal injury lawsuit can cover the associated costs of the incident, ranging from medical costs to pain and suffering. Anyone who is a victim of an animal bite should consult with an attorney to consider filing a claim.

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