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Report: Low-income areas have high risk of pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2014 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Accidents can happen anywhere. Drivers who are distracted behind the wheel can cause a crash or fatalities throughout San Diego. There are certain things drivers and pedestrians can do in order to prevent an incident, such as driving the speed limit and using the crosswalks. According to a new study, avoiding certain areas may also be a way to sidestep an accident.

In the city of San Diego, roughly a third of residents are considered low-income. The population accounts for a quarter of the land in the area, compared to a third of high-income residents who have nearly half the land in the city. A recent study reports that densely populated areas carry a 20 percent increased risk of a pedestrian accident compared to more scarce areas.

According to one resident, low-income areas also lack crosswalks, driving up the chances that a pedestrian may be hit. The study confirms that people walking in low-income areas are 10 times more likely to be hit than those in other areas. The study analyzed data between 2008 and 2012, comparing communities with an average income of less than $54,000 and those with averages of at least $78,000. In half of the cases studied, drivers were to blame for the pedestrian knockdowns, and those on foot were only accountable for 30 percent of instances.

No matter where an accident such as a hit-and-run or other collision occurs, it is important for victims to seek the help of an attorney. A lawyer can put together an argument to secure compensation from the responsible parties so victims can focus on healing from their injuries.

Source: NBC San Diego, “Number of Pedestrian Crash Tied to Neighborhood Income,” Andi Adams and Matt Rascon, June 20, 2014



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