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Resident: San Diego pedestrian accident not surprising

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2013 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Even when drivers exhibit extreme caution, accidents can happen. Some intersections are known to be more dangerous than others, which is all the more reason for San Diego drivers to drive gently. Responsibility behind the wheel means looking out for other vehicles as well as people on foot, as a pedestrian accident can happen just as easily as an auto collision.

A Del Cerro resident said that a deadly accident on Navajo Road does not come as a surprise. Law enforcement said witnesses saw a 65-year-old woman – known to walk the neighborhood frequently – stop in the middle of the intersection and put her arm up as the driver was approaching. The vehicle struck the woman and dragged her several feet before stopping.

The local resident said he has seen several cars spin out of control coming down the hill toward the intersection. He noted walkers should be checking for vehicles prior to using the crosswalk to prevent serious injury. Unfortunately, this most recent incident resulted in a loss of life. The victim’s brother was visibly shaken upon arriving at the scene. He received crisis counseling on site, where the accident shut down traffic for several hours.

Local law enforcement said they are checking the driver’s cell phone to determine if she had been distracted while driving. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, it may be in the interest of the victim’s family to seek legal counsel and present a case seeking compensation for associated costs.

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