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Nature of horses at center of discussion by state courts

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While animals may be cute and seem cuddly, it’s often important to remember that animals are not human beings and may not understand emotions. It may be impossible to predict how an animal will act when put in a particular situation, and even the most mild-mannered creatures may snap given the right conditions. Because of this it is extremely important for California animal owners to pay close attention to their animals and always restrain them properly when others are around to prevent physical and psychological injuries, particularly to children.

After a young boy was bitten at a horse farm in Connecticut, courts ruled that the horse was part of a species that is innately violent. Horse owners are concerned because with the ruling comes the difficulty of being able to insure the animals, which account for a large part of the state’s economy.

The court termed horses as a naturally vicious species after a 6-year-old boy lost a chunk of his cheek from a bite while petting a horse at a farm. The court relied on testimony from the boy and his family to come to their decision about the nature of horses.

Although the difficulty of insuring horses is left to farmers and horse owners, the money is not more important than the life of a child. Children may often approach animals that are not contained properly without understanding the danger and potential consequences. At this point, it becomes essential for animal owners to correctly restrain their animals to protect both children and other adults from harm.

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