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San Diego mail carrier injured in dog attack

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2013 | Dog Bites |

Certain jobs require people to spend most of their time outside in San Diego’s residential neighborhoods. For instance, lawn maintenance personnel, outdoor house painters, delivery employees, and postal service workers must perform their work out in the open. Generally, working in neighborhoods can be pleasant, but one hazard that may be underappreciated by the general public is vicious dogs. When citizens fail to leash their dogs or keep their pets locked behind strong fences, the result can be a life threatening dog attack on an innocent victim.

A postal worker is asking pet owners to be more mindful of the dangers of an animal attack after he was recently bitten by a pit bull. The animal was able escape his enclosure when a gate did not hold the force of the dog’s weight. Before the dog owner could grab the animal, the pit bull was able to rip apart an area of the postal worker’s face. The worker was eventually able to get to safety, but he was bleeding from serious injuries, including a throat wound, leg damage, and areas of missing teeth. According to the postal worker, the dog attack was the most terrifying event in his life. Indeed, San Diego is has a high number of dog attacks on mail carriers; 32 postal workers were harmed by dogs in 2012.

When people suffer harm due to a dog owner’s negligence, it may be possible to file a lawsuit to recover compensation. An attorney familiar with California law pertaining to a dog bite claim can provide information and help with such civil claims. Damages may consist of amounts incurred for medical expenses, lost wages, prescription medicine, physical pain, and emotional pain, among others.

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