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Lawsuit filed against San Diego motorist who killed nanny

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2013 | Pedestrian Accidents |

When observing fellow motorists, it is clear that all sorts of people are on America’s roads and highways. Some people appear focused on the road, while others look to be dreamily lost in thought. A vast number of drivers are busy sneaking looks at their smart phones, while harried parents can be seen tending to children in the back seat. Commonly, teenagers rock out to thumping beats, tired folks try to catch a catnap at red lights, and commuters chow down on fast food while navigating city streets. There is no end to various driving disruptions, and it is a wonder that there are not more fatal automobile accidents each day in San Diego.

Unfortunately, distracted and exhausted drivers do cause others to suffer accidental death. A 41-year old nanny who was pushing a stroller across an intersection was killed in San Diego when a woman ran a right light. Later, the woman admitted that she was driving in an exhausted state after giving birth one day earlier. The woman pled guilty to the charges filed against her, including misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. Despite the fact that the motorist’s actions caused a fatal accident, leaving two teenagers without a mother, the judge imposed very little punishment. The driver was sentenced only to two days in jail, six months of house arrest and probation.

The deceased woman’s children were shocked when they learned that the punishment was so minor in light of the fact that they lost their mother. At this time, the family is pursuing a civil action alleging negligence and recklessness against the motorist and her husband. While a monetary recovery will not bring the woman back, it can help her children worry less about their finances now and in the future.

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