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Californian kills motorist after failing to stop at light

On Behalf of | May 24, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

It is unclear why so many motorists run red lights since one of the most basic driving rules is to slow down on a yellow light, and come to a full stop when the signal is red. Perhaps some drivers are in a hurry and cannot bear the thought of slowing down and waiting a few minutes. Other drivers may be so distracted by a cell phone, loud music, or conversations with passengers that the light escapes their notice. Certainly some motorists run lights when they are impaired by alcohol or drugs. In any event, the consequence of ignoring red traffic lights often results in a fatal accident.

A 36-year old woman lost her life recently when her car was smashed by a motorist who completely disregarded a red light in California. The victim was properly driving her Chevy Sonic through an intersection when she was broadsided by a woman piloting an Acura Integra. The impact of the crash caused the Chevy to roll onto its side, killing its driver, who had not fastened her safety belt. Investigators did not say why the Integra driver ran the red light, only that she was taken to a medical center for treatment.

The family and friends of the victim will likely grieve the loss of their loved one throughout their lifetimes. While there is no substitute for her presence, it can be helpful to secure monetary compensation to lessen the family’s financial burden.  A consultation with an experienced attorney can help the family learn about claims such as loss of companionship, negligence, and pain and suffering.

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