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Prostate Cancer Missed Diagnosis Can Have Fatal Results in Escondido and Across North County San Diego

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2013 | Medical Malpractice |

Active prostate cancer testing usually starts near the age of 50 for most men. Testing involves a physical examination by a doctor, and a blood test that measures the PSA ( Prostate Specific Antigen ). Monitoring changes in either the patient’s physical condition or elevations in the PSA is crucial to identify the onset of prostate cancer, and to provide the greatest opportunity to successfully treat it. If a doctor or medical professional is negligent in following up specific symptoms or conducting ongoing or more invasive testing once symptoms have been identified it can result in a valid claim for medical malpractice. Early warning signs can include enlargement of the prostate, elevations in PSA (from baseline), If you have or a loved one have developed prostate cancer and believe that medical professionals in Escondido or North County may have been negligent in either diagnosis or treatment we invite you to contact our office for a confidential and complimentary consultation.



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