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April 2013 Archives

San Diego tries to reduce pedestrian accidents

Californians may not be aware that April has been designated National Distracted Driving Awareness month. In an effort to reduce the chances of a pedestrian accident and resulting injuries, the San Diego police department reminds drivers of common violations that give rise to a citation. These actions can also lead to civil liability in court if a pedestrian files a lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident.

Prostate Cancer Missed Diagnosis Can Have Fatal Results in Escondido and Across North County San Diego

Active prostate cancer testing usually starts near the age of 50 for most men. Testing involves a physical examination by a doctor, and a blood test that measures the PSA ( Prostate Specific Antigen ). Monitoring changes in either the patient's physical condition or elevations in the PSA is crucial to identify the onset of prostate cancer, and to provide the greatest opportunity to successfully treat it. If a doctor or medical professional is negligent in following up specific symptoms or conducting ongoing or more invasive testing once symptoms have been identified it can result in a valid claim for medical malpractice. Early warning signs can include enlargement of the prostate, elevations in PSA (from baseline), If you have or a loved one have developed prostate cancer and believe that medical professionals in Escondido or North County may have been negligent in either diagnosis or treatment we invite you to contact our office for a confidential and complimentary consultation.

Medical providers ignore alarms leading to patient harm

Patients in hospitals often find themselves hooked up to various machines which monitor vital signs, including heart rate, oxygen, and blood pressure. If the body begins to fail in any of these categories, the machine senses the problem and sounds an alarm. At that time, medical staff is alerted to the concern, and in a perfect situation, they rush to the patient's bedside to resolve the crisis. A new study put forth by the Joint Commission, a hospital and healthcare accreditation body, has found that medical personnel in California and around the United States are desensitized to the constant sounds of beeps. By ignoring the alarms, they are putting patients at risk of a medical mistake.

Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis In Oceanside and North County San Diego

The medical community in Oceanside and throughout North County, as well as the general public have been made aware of the importance of early detection and effective treatment of breast cancer and the risks of a missed breast cancer diagnosis. Finding evidence of breast cancer early and acting upon that diagnosis makes a substantial difference in the outcome of a woman's life. If there are errors in the process, a lack of communication between medical professionals, or negligence on the part of a doctor or technician the results can be life threatening and in some cases fatal, known as a wrongful death. Missing or delaying breast cancer diagnosis can result in more aggressive and painful treatments, loss of wages and unexpected medical costs or worse. If you believe there has been an issue in the diagnosis or treatment of your breast cancer, or that of a loved one, we invite you to contact our office for a complimentary consultation to review your experience and the facts of your unique situation.

Pit bulls attack three elderly individuals in California

Pit bulls are one breed of dog on which people cannot seem to agree. Adoring pit bull owners swear that the animals are docile and gentle provided they have received proper training. Critics argue that statistics consistently find pit bulls to be the breed most often responsible for a dog attack. The debate continues to rage in Riverside County, California where officials are discussing an ordinance which would force all pit bulls owners to sterilize their dog; the idea is to reduce the numbers of pit bulls in the county.

Recovering from the Physical Scars of a Dog Attack in Oceanside CA

Dog bites and attacks often result in "tearing" wounds that leave severe and permanent scarring. In many cases, a child has reached down to pet or interact with a dog, and a quick snap results in scarring on the face. There are medical strategies to help reduce the appearance of and severity of a scar over time. As experienced injury and dog bite attorneys, it is important to understand not only the costs associated with the initial medical treatment, but also the future treatments and surgeries that may be necessary to reduce or eliminate scarring. We work to ensure that our clients receive a settlement that reflects the short and long term treatments and costs so that there is every opportunity to significantly reduce or eliminate the physical scars of a dog bite.

Would Riverside's pit bull-neuter proposal cut down on dog bites?

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services would like to the county's board of supervisors to authorize a spay-and-neuter ordinance that would require the owners of pit bulls and pit bull mixes in unincorporated areas of the county to sterilize their dogs. The goal, in response to recent stories of people sustaining devastating dog bites, is to cut down on the chance that the large, muscular dogs will hurt others.

Dog bites in Encinitas and North County San Diego leave more than physical scarring

A dog bite or attack can result in a serious physical injury with permanent scarring. However, the physical injuries are only one component of recovering from a dog bite or vicious attack. The psychological impact is often diagnosed as a post traumatic stress event, resulting in loss of "security" and an inability to cope with normal social environments such as a visit to the beach or a trip to the grocery. Dog bite victims can become insecure - constantly scanning for potential sources of unexpected danger. This has a substantial impact on enjoyment and quality of life.

Dental malpractice in San Marcos CA and North County San Diego

There have been recent developments in dental malpractice associated with pediatric dental practices that use gimmicks or fun environments while providing sub-standard care to their patients. In many states (including California) clinics have targeted specific socio-economic communities with seemingly kid-friendly strategies from video games to dressing up in costumes. The clinics in question may provide services to be billed to Medi-Cal for treatment that was different than the treatment proposed or which was not provided. On occasion, the treatment provided may be below the required standard of care for San Marcos or San Diego residents. If you are concerned about your child's dental care, and feel that their dentist or dental clinic has failed to provide the care and treatment your child needs, or have concerns about billing practices we invite you to contact our offices for a free consultation. As experienced dental malpractice attorneys we can review the unique circumstances of your child's care and if dental malpractice has occurred, we will help to make things right.

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