California Civil Rights Defense Attorneys

Police and correctional officers perform some of the most dangerous work imaginable. When they face allegations of excessive force or other civil rights violations, they deserve an aggressive defense. Unfortunately, correctional facilities and municipal governments often face overflow and budgetary constraints that make it difficult for in-house attorneys to provide an effective defense for every officer. Nield Law Group, APC can fill that gap.

Founding attorneys Ed Nield and Gabrielle Nield have been handling civil rights litigation for several years now — and have a combined 50 years of civil litigation defense experience.

Defending The California Department Of Corrections And Rehabilitation

We defend employees, including correctional officers and medical staff working with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and other correctional facilities against civil rights violations, and personal injury claims such as:

• Violation of freedom of speech and religion
• Excessive force and cruel and unusual punishment
• Deliberate indifference
• Retaliation

Our firm has extensive trial experience and a sound understanding of civil rights defense from years of working with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Attorneys Providing Civil Rights Defense To Municipalities Across California

Our lawyers provide assistance to municipalities struggling with overflow and smaller towns that do not have in-house counsel. Despite budgetary constraints, municipalities still need to mitigate their risk. Our legal fees are set to recognize those constraints and we strive to represent clients as cost-effectively as possible.

Litigation Avoidance

Preventing litigation is the cornerstone of our services. Correctional facilities can help reduce their liability by retaining our lawyers to present training programs that demonstrate preventive measures officers can take to reduce potential claims.

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