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January 2016 Archives

Driver with recent issues driving strikes 2 pedestrians with car

An unfortunate motor vehicle accident that involved two pedestrians in San Diego occurred recently. Thankfully, the two pedestrians are expected to be okay, as is the driver. The wreck involved a 76-year-old driver who was driving early in the morning. A 61-year-old jogger and a 12-year-old girl were out on the road when the 76-year-old lost control of her vehicle and struck these two pedestrians. Eventually, the car hit a tree as well.

Breaches in doctor-patient confidentiality can lead to lawsuit

Even though many people have heard of doctor-patient confidentiality, it is easy for many people to just disregard -- or, maybe more accurately, not fully recognize -- the importance of this clause. Doctor-patient confidentiality is the premise that a person who goes to a doctor to seek medical treatment should not have to fear that his or her condition will be disclosed to other people. If doctor-patient confidentiality didn't exist, many people would avoid going to the doctor out of fear of embarrassment. That would lead to a substantially less healthy population.

Speeding, red-light running driver causes crash, kills 4

Tragedy struck last weekend in San Diego after four people were killed in a car accident that involved two vehicles. One vehicle was a van carrying five people. The other vehicle was an Acura that was traveling at what appears to have been an unsafe speed -- and then plowed through a red light, eventually hitting the van. Of the five people in the van, two suffered minor injuries.

Increase in motorcycle accident deaths causes concern

A couple of interesting statistics demonstrate a changing landscape for motorcycle accidents -- and that isn't a good thing. The report found that motorcycle deaths increased in Maine and in the Australian state of Queensland during 2015. While these are two oddly specific states to be discussing when it comes to a "global" change to motorcycle safety, the change is still noteworthy.