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April 2014 Archives

VA hospitals pay 59 California families in wrongful death cases

Veterans comprise one demographic that requires specialized medical attention. In addition to needing treatment for injuries, many vets suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues. To get better, many turn to the Department of Veterans Affairs and its hospitals, such as the one in San Diego. Those hospitals have recently come under scrutiny for the multitude of wrongful death cases. As one deceased vet's sister notes, these settlements are often about more than just money.

Report: Diagnosing infant brain injuries requires proactive staff

While there is typically an expectation that things in the delivery room will go well, there are a number of opportunities for things to go wrong. Parents and doctors in San Diego can do everything correctly and still have an infant born with a brain injury or other medical issue. Thanks to medical advances, there may be ways to better prevent and treat such conditions.

California woman froze in hospital morgue due to medical mistake

It is devastating to hear that a loved one has passed away. Many San Diego residents look for answers as to why their loved one died. In some instances, the cause of death can bring even more questions, as is the case when a medical mistake is involved. A grieving family is already under substantial stress, and a doctor error can cause even more anger and frustration.

Family to file suit after accident kills firefighter in San Diego

Making a simple mistake behind the wheel can have devastating effects. Some San Diego drivers cause accidents because they are texting or talking on the phone. Speeding also is often a factor that causes fatal automobile accidents. A motorist may simply want to save a little bit of time, but the consequences can be tragic, as one recent incident illustrates.