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January 2014 Archives

California 3-year-old gets 50 stitches after dog bite

When a pet bites someone, many people in San Diego are quick to label the animal as “dangerous.” While the animal may be a threat, there are times when dog owners are to blame for the attack. Taking a dog into potentially threatening situations when you know it is prone to biting is irresponsible behavior that can result in an incident.

Advocates question California's cap on malpractice settlements

By now, many people are familiar with the story of the young California teenager who suffered brain death after what should have been a routine procedure. The case has called attention to the state's medical malpractice policies, which many feel should be changed to favor the victims and their families. While one group has fallen under criticism for using her case to propel their mission, it is worth noting that the state may need to re-examine its settlement limits.

Report: San Diegans who text and dial put themselves at risk

Despite many laws banning the behavior, many people still choose to text or use a handheld cell phone while driving. People in San Diego who engage in distracted driving run the risk of having a fatal accident or other serious consequences. A recent study shows just how dangerous it is to take your eyes off the road.

Authorities investigating fatal California pedestrian accident

Operating a large vehicle can pose problems for even the most skilled driver. That is why it is important for those people whose jobs involve driving a truck take the utmost care to avoid a crash or pedestrian accident. California drivers and pedestrians may face serious – and even fatal – consequences when there is a slip in judgment.

Among big cities, San Diego boasts some of the safest drivers

Large cities are known to have many issues, and chief among them is traffic. Crowded roads and frustrated drivers can lead to property damage and fatal automobile accidents. According to a recent report, however, San Diego sits near the top of big cities with some of the safest drivers in the country.