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December 2013 Archives

Family blames California hospital for teenager’s death

Physicians sometimes refer to procedures as being routine. While the doctors may perform an operation several times, for many San Diegans, surgery is a new, sometimes fear-inducing event that seems like anything but routine. What’s more, a medical mistake during what should be a simple procedure can have grave consequences.

Serious pedestrian accident results in lawsuit against city

International tourism is a major source of income for cities like San Diego and others around the country. Visitors come from all around the world to take in the sights and get a taste of the local culture. Healthy tourism often translates to increased motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic, however, and increased accident rates in some instances. One tourist was recently involved in a major pedestrian accident that left her permanently disabled. Now, she is attempting to hold the city is responsible for its alleged role in the incident.

Report: Downtown San Diego has highest dog-bite incident rate

Some people have an innate fear of animals. It makes sense to fear the unknown, and even seemingly innocent pets can be sources of anxiety for some San Diegans. Dog owners have a responsibility to prevent attacks as well as take the proper action if an incident occurs. In Orange County, some people are considering going a step further by letting people know where dangerous animals live.

Cap on malpractice damages affecting California veterans

The men and women who serve our country work hard to protect the people who live here. Therefore, the people who serve them - such as medical staff - should ensure they are taken care of when they fall ill or injured. Many veterans seek the care of a veterans' affairs hospital in San Diego or elsewhere. A medical mistake can have serious consequences for veterans who already face medical issues. Unfortunately, veterans file medical malpractice claims all too often, and claims caps are keeping many from getting what they deserve.