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September 2013 Archives

California malpractice victims fight to raise payment cap

When a child is sick or injured, parents often take the first step of calling emergency services or rushing their child to the doctor or the hospital. Once a sick child arrives at a medical facility, parents place their trust in health care professionals to ensure that they are treated correctly and that they receive adequate treatment for the child. Without intense medical knowledge, it's difficult for parents to know when doctors have made an incorrect diagnosis or treatment plan for a child who is sick.

Aggressive dog killed by owner after incident in California

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, and this is true in many situations. For the most part, dogs may be well-mannered, loyal companions for those who love animals. When purchasing a dog or deciding how to care for one, it may be necessary for pet owners to read up on California law and to always remember that despite how loving a dog is, the creature is still an animal and may snap without warning. Even the most harmless dogs can become frightened or angry and cause injury or emotional distress to others.

Wrongful death lawsuit tossed because after woman dies in snow

When a person calls 911 to get help for an injured person in California, they often anticipate that help will arrive swiftly and efficiently in order to provide aid to the injured individual. If they are afraid they won’t be able to get help, they may choose to take the injured person to the hospital on their own. Because emergency responders are trained in saving lives, it is often better to leave an injured person until an ambulance can arrive. A young woman’s boyfriend learned the hard way that 911 is not always as efficient as it should be, as evidenced by her family’s wrongful death lawsuit.

California inmate deaths inspire need to move prisoners

Although some individuals who are incarcerated may be innocent, most are serving time for committing a crime, and many in society feel that law enforcement officials should lock them up and throw away the key. According to the law in California and other states, these inmates should receive quality medical care and treatment when they need it regardless of mistakes they have made in the past. Without the medical care they need, inmates may suffer from injuries and illnesses for years at a time, and family members on the outside must deal with the loss of someone they love.