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May 2013 Archives

Alleged San Diego drunk driver causes pedestrian accident

When a group of people drive to a bar or restaurant for happy hour or dinner and drinks, they might share a car to stick together and avoid parking hassles. Passengers in the car hope and assume that the driver will monitor the amount of alcohol consumed in order to avoid a car crash or injury to other community members. Not surprisingly, people do not always take this responsibility seriously. When individuals drink and drive, they put everyone around them in harm’s way, which can result in a collision or pedestrian accident leading to life-threatening injuries. 

Californian kills motorist after failing to stop at light

It is unclear why so many motorists run red lights since one of the most basic driving rules is to slow down on a yellow light, and come to a full stop when the signal is red. Perhaps some drivers are in a hurry and cannot bear the thought of slowing down and waiting a few minutes. Other drivers may be so distracted by a cell phone, loud music, or conversations with passengers that the light escapes their notice. Certainly some motorists run lights when they are impaired by alcohol or drugs. In any event, the consequence of ignoring red traffic lights often results in a fatal accident.

Lawsuit says epilepsy drug caused birth injuries

Women may be concerned about taking their usual medications during pregnancy. On one hand, medication may be necessary to treat and control diseases such as multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, pulmonary problems, or epilepsy. On the other hand, no mother wants to expose her unborn baby to possible fetal risks or a birth defect from toxic medication. Accordingly, pregnant women rely on drug companies to fully test medication prior to approving it for use during gestation. 

Failure to diagnose medical problems widespread

When people do not feel well, they turn to their doctor for advice. Patients trust that their doctor will listen to their list of symptoms and suggest tests or a referral to a specialist to further explore the problem. Moreover, patients expect that their doctors will accurately read test results in order to diagnose and properly treat their ailments. Recent studies, however, suggest that this trust in doctors may be misplaced. Failure to diagnose a problem is more widespread than people realize.

San Diego pit bull attacks dog and owners

People who are bit by dogs may have mixed feelings about the incident. Many are dog lovers and do not want to see the attacking animal euthanized. Other people believe that once a dog has bitten a person or other canine, it is vicious and cannot be trusted again. Certainly, a second dog attack by the same animal is much harder to justify.